A comprehensive and multi-dimensional training system for your body, breath and spirit.


Rooted in Taoist methodologies, White Tiger Qigong offers a dynamic training system that stimulates physical, mental and spiritual growth.  Our academy combines proven, age-old practices with cutting edge neuroscience and sports science to maximize human potential.

The ancient fusion of Qigong with modern science harmonizes the body, breath and mind for mobility, mindfulness, and healing. Our academy offers a range of in-person or online courses for both students and teachers which are designed to help reach peak physical and mental performance.


Promote Optimal Body Balance, Build Core Strength & Prevent Injury


Cultivate Mental & Emotional Balance


Reach Your Maximum Potential & Peak Performance

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Officially recognized in China as the science of human potential and development, Qigong is an ancient system of knowledge that comprises at least 5,000 years of human evolution.

White Tiger Qigong is a direct continuation of a classical Taoist Qigong lineage and combines strength and mobility training with mindfulness in order to target all areas of well being.

Our dynamic training system is specifically designed to help you realize your highest capacity for lifelong health, mental acuity, emotional resilience, and grounded spirituality. Find out how Qigong can help you reach your full potential by finding a White Tiger course that can be specifically targeted towards your personal needs and goals.

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Whether you’re beginning your journey or looking to become a certified teacher, White Tiger Qigong courses are designed by professional education experts to help you reach your goals. 

Different types of Qigong training can target specific areas of wellbeing. Find a course that helps you to reach your personal aims. Whether these are improving athletic performance, finding emotional balance, reaching for peak performance or focusing on mindfulness, White Tiger classes integrate multiple teaching modalities to support all learning styles and can be downloaded for lifetime access to course material.

Student Training

Become a student of White Tiger Qigong and learn the ancient art form through modern, easy-to-follow courses. Explore for yourself how Qigong can help heal and transform all aspects of your well being - body, breath and spirit.

Teacher Training

Available both online and in-person, White Tiger Qigong Teacher Training is one of the most advanced and comprehensive Qigong curricula in existence and will prepare you to skillfully teach this time-honoured practice to others.

A Training Method For Everybody

White Tiger Qigong offers both online & in-person courses, classes and events.

Featured Training

Featured Course

Master the 5 Element Qigong for emotional balance, true mobility, and peak performance.


Certification for Aspiring Qigong Teachers: This 15 week Master Course & Teacher Training will provide you a proven path to balancing the mind, body, and spirit and sharing ancient secrets for health, vitality, and longevity with your community.

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White Tiger Qigong teaches an integrated system of ancient Eastern mind and body movement practices combined with cutting-edge neuroscience and sports science to harmonize body and mind for mobility, mindfulness, and peak performance.

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In all training/product purchased, a portion will be donated to protecting the rainforests and wild animals in Borneo.

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